About Me

I’m Steph and I have a new found love for baking. I’ve created this blog to show you my journey as I learn new techniques, pinch peoples recipes and try to make things look pretty.

I am a mahoosive fan of cooking programmes and could quite easily idle away most evenings and weekends watching Mary Berry and her delicate decorations or The Hairy Bikers and their heavenly hearty pies and puds!

In day to day life I am a civil servant, daughter, sister and girlfriend, graciously serving all of the above named parties with pure admiration. I often team up with my mum when baking, she was also a complete beginner and will feature in quite a few of my blogs.

As well as the copious amount of baking I do, I also love travelling, so expect to see blogs about places I go and things I do.

Enough from me, please follow my journey, like anything that interests you and feel free to leave me feedback and comments on things you may have tried and tested that I post.

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