Day 23/24 – Rio to home

Man down 🚩

Yes full on down. 

The boys have just started to ignore my requests for selfies…especially hungover ones. We check out of our hotel at 12pm and have nothing else to do all day until our flight at 10pm. We go for another TT burger because surely this will make us feel better? Hmmm not sure.

We decide that although a bed would be great for the day we should make the most of our last day in Rio. We sit in a bar on the beach front for hours playing cards and drinking soft drinks. We have become the masters of wasting time with games of contract- that’s for sure.

On Sunday’s on Copacabana and Ipanema beaches they close the main roads along the front and all the locals come and spend their Sunday’s relaxing and playing volley ball. It’s a beautiful beach, however we heard the water is really dirty so we don’t actually brave the beach for the day. After all we have no access to a shower in the evening before flying!

It’s the most densely populated beach I’ve ever seen! According to the World Wide Web people congregate in parts of the beach with like-minded people. So the families go to one bit, the gays go to another bit and ‘hipsters’ go to another bit. Just over a week ago there was a massive raid on the beach by a gang and they literally robbed everyone…a few English people we saw told us about it and this makes me think that’s why there’s been so many police around. They definitely have a huge presence in the city and on the beach. They have police cars parked up on every other corner throughout the city.

We eventually get bored and move back to our hotel for an hour or so and then get a cab to the airport. The cab driver me Kris and Jake had was really nice and attempted to give us a quick tour of the city- pointing to Christ and the favela that Michael Jackson filmed in. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Rio de Janeiro international airport. I’m tired, hungry and hungover and we are over 4 hours early for our flight. We get checked in and through security and passport control and are dreaming of a McDonald’s or something on the other side.

Nothing! Nada! Nil food establishments! This is a nightmare. 

There’s a duty free shop, a tacky sovenire shop and a coffee shop. We buy a sand which and sit down for yet another game of contract to waste the time until our boarding time. 9:25pm and we board. The plane was nice and yet again had loads of space so I had 2 seats to myself again. I force myself to keep my eyes open until they come round with the dinner but we have an hour and a bit delay!! There’s a really bad thunder storm going on so hardly any planes have taken off so far…at 11pm (an hour late) we have 10 planes in front of us waiting to take off. Great!! 

We do eventually begin the journey back to the UK and land at 2:30ish pm. 

Touchdown London 📍

We have an eventful journey home front be airport. I seem to have developed a full blown winter cold in the middle of summer and feel absolutely pants! I just want to get home and to my bed!

We find the taxi rank and broker a deal with a cabbie to take us home for £100. I have to say, I have never before had an issue with a black cab driver and have always liked any that I’ve met through work etc. This was a completely new experience for me. For some reason the cabbie doesn’t go down the M25 or the A406…instead goes directly through central London? By the time we get to Knightsbridge he announced that the price needed to change to £125. He’s basically realised that he’s gone the wrong way and has put himself out of pocket. I would have had no issue with bunging him an extra £5 but it was annoying that he’d gone the wrong way and changed his price half way through. He then was rude and aggressive so we got out at Hyde Park Corner and braved the underground. 🚇

It’s 5:15 before I eventually get through the door and home. My little princess has been waiting for me!



2 thoughts on “Day 23/24 – Rio to home

  1. Ann Morgan says:

    Hi Steph, I’m Jake’s aunt and just wanted to say an immense THANK YOU for your fab, brilliant and very entertaining tales from the other side of the world!! Ann x


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