Day 22 – Exploring Rio

We start the day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the city! Quick stop for breakfast before going for our wander.

I find the city quite amazing because it is one giant one way system. Every rod is one direction, so you have to go round a whole block in a car sometimes to get to where you want to be. Madness! 

We walk down the beach fronts – Copacabana and then Ipanema. There’s police and civil guard EVERYWHERE and they’re all armed.

It’s a bit cloudy but still really warm and humid. We’re hungry and we find this burger place where people queue up outside so we try it. TT’s burgers is the stuff of legends. 

   You have on choice…the TT burger.
Anyway….we walk to what we’ve been told is the main shopping area and haven’t seen much that catches our eye so back to the hotel while we wait for our tour that’s at 2pm. 

2pm and Flávio turns up at our hotel to pick us up. Ollies decided that the rugby is more his bag and stays to watch the England game.

Another minibus…I have to be honest I thought we was done with these so this kind of sucks…Christ better be worth it. 

It only takes about 45 minutes to get to the Tijuca national park that overlooks the city. More winding roads, more jungle. 

We get there and walk up the 235 steps rather than take the escalator. Funny how it’s meant to be a sacred and special place yet man kind still requires modern technology like escalators and lifts to be put there. 

He’s pretty big….spanning 38metres tall and 28 metered hand to hand he’s definitely the biggest Jesus I’ve ever seen. He’s also noted to be one of the New wonders of the world. 

We stop for some pics with Christ.

But the views are amazing of the city, is a shame it’s quite cloudy. 

After 30 minutes we wander back down to get back on the minibus. Flávio tells us a bit more about the statue and the regular restoration work that occurs. We go back down to the city.

And pass by the maracana stadium…..

And the new cathedral…


Can’t help myself by hide from the boys. It was so dark in there so I hid behind this cut out thing and waited until Kris walked past to see if he noticed me… I think it suited me.

Back in the bus (with some popcorn we bought from a guy on the street) and off to Sugar Loaf mountain!

Sugar Loaf actually isn’t a mountain as its only 396m tall but hey ho!

I hate heights…so cable cars aren’t my favourite thing. I’m just not a fan of the whole hanging suspended in the air kind of situation. 

It’s pretty cloudy by the time we get up there so we wasn’t expecting great things but the view was still pretty cool. The pic above was from the first stop on the car and then you get on a second one to go right to the top.

We get there and have about 5 minutes with minimal clouds and can see Copacabana beach.


We saw Christ for a brief minute in the distance! He’s on top of the hill to the right hand side.


  It’s dark by the time we go back down…although we didn’t see much of a sunset because it was so cloudy! 
Back to the hotel to shower and change, the temperature had dropped quite a bit so can’t wait to put my jeans on!

We go for dinner at Eclipse.

Jump in a cab to a bar we’ve been told about called Emporium. 

A huge huge cheers to Jake for organising everything for our trip. He really has been the master planner and somehow got us across continent and doing some amazing trips and tours in such a short some of time! 

Then we go out out.

This is what we see as our only option for our last night. We find a clurbbbb on a square and queue up for about half hour. This must mean that it’s good right? We go in and the language barrier is an issue. We pay 540Reals and aren’t really sure what this is for. We go to the bar and the man is very confused when I try to order 5 drinks and have no cups. Back downstairs to reception we go. We have to pay another 5Reals each for a cup but the great news is….unlimited drinks! For £15 each.

Oh dear.

Here’s some of my snaps from the night but I can confirm that I don’t remember taking most of them. I clearly made friends with the bouncer.





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