Day 21 – RIO!

Were officially 3 weeks in to our trip with only 2 more nights 😟 so what better way to mark this than in the same way we started our first proper day….hungover?

As the night before is a bit of a blur I can confirm a number of things…we have about 29 reals left between all 5 of us and had to chase a frog out of our room when we got back. The next bit is what is tricky, jake put his washing in the laundry the night before and has to pay 35R$ to pick it up…hahahaha. This is us counting the change to see if we can afford to buy his washing back 😂

We even tried asking for cash back in the bakery if we paid by card but there was no luck! Luckily the woman let him off the other 5 reals without confiscating any of his clothes.

We manage to get down to the boat at 9:55 for our 10am boat. We get on and the hour long crossing is too much to handle. 

Ollie lays down and sleeps and I decide the floor is more comfortable than the seat thing.

Off the boat and on to the bus…somewhere along the line we were told it was 7 hours on the bus. After about an hour we stop at a petrol station for some lunch. There’s 6 army trucks, 2 keeps and a medics car outside- weird! We go in and there’s about 50 soldiers all armed with M16s sitting having some lunch…this is odd.

Back on the bus- an hour later we arrive in Rio! Yay! But we hit traffic and a lot of it…its 3:30pm by the time we eventually get dropped to our hotel for the night…Atlantis Copacabana Hotel. It’s meant to be 4* but is at a push 3. The rooms clean so it will do! We all chill for a while on the rooftop by the pool. The pool is approximately 2 meters by 2 meters and would give good competition for the worlds smallest pool. It’s also gale force winds outside so the furniture is moving all over the place and my clothes and room key blow to the other side of the roof. I’m not a fan! 

Me and Kris go for an explore along the beach front. There’s people selling things everywhere…sweet corn, sunglasses, dresses and Acai. The beach looks like nice sand and goes on for miles!

We wander back, have a quick lay down before going for dinner with everyone at 8.

We get in a cab to go to a restaurant called Porcao – I’ve looked it up online and sounds amazing! We get there and it’s shut down. Typical. We get out the cab and walk and find a restaurant on the corner of a road which is busy but can for us in. This is the first place I’ve ever been to where they told us we’ve ordered too much food and to take something off of our order. 

We have breaded cheese balls, fish fingers and chips with frankfurter bits on top for starter. Followed by a Brazilian BBQ (steak, chicken, sausage and pork chop) and Brazilian Sirloin steak…ay-may-zing! It was huge, sliced up and rare in the middle. Me Ollie Conor and Kris all share this along with a stupid amount of rice and chips. There was so much food 😷 this is just the start we ran out of room on our table when he had bought it all out!! 

 We can barely beat the after dinner so come back to the hotel and crashed. Exploring tomorrow 👍🏼


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