Day 20! Big boaty blog post


First thing…again a big hello to people around the world reading…I’ve figured there’s some people on holidays and who we’ve met since being away but here’s a quick round up of who’s read in the last 5 days or so…

Today we had a good day. Let’s start with that. 

We met at the pier at 9:30 with our guide for the day and his girlfriend. He’s from Rio but has lived on the island for 11 years, she’s from America, Florida and has lived here for 3 weeks…. She’s 21 and has been to the island before but took the plunge when she came back in July for a holiday. Went home to save for a months fm came back and is living the dream….

We get on a boat at 10 after being suited out with flippers, goggles and snorkels. We have another guy with us from Norway who’s travelled to Brazil for Rockin Rio and is just making the most of his time here by having a few chill days here on the island.  

 It’s super hot when we leave but it’s only about 10 minutes until we make our first stop at a rocky island. The boys all jump straight in and go off snorkelling with Rodrigo and do a lap of the island. If you remember rightly I hate fish so I’m very anxious about putting my snorkel gear on and checking out what’s swimming around our feet. Eventually I give in and put it on and have a quick peak…the fish are actually really pretty! They kind of look like zebras. 

We get back on the boat and move to another island where I just get straight on with it and put my goggles on. I like the way the fish swim away from you…not like the brave ones that come up on beaches!

We move from there to a beach and take a 40 minute trail round to Lopez Mendez. There is a quick route but that wouldn’t be fun would it? 

We’ve picked up a dog along the way and it joins us for the walk. He stops every now and then and looks in bushes and up at trees- he can clearly see things we can’t. We’re walking through the jungle here.

The girl stops and can see a snake. Fab! Snakes- my favourite! 🐍 luckily it’s a tiny green one and slithers away when it sees us. We carry on walking and see some monkeys in tree. Not just 1 or 2 but a whole family! 


The little baby ones crossed over the bamboo that was above us while we were standing there! 

On route we also see a giant lizard run off to the bushes and a sign saying to beware of alligators. Apparently behind the trees (between the trail we are on and the normal walk) is a huge swamp that has loads of them lovely friendly creatures! Ha!

Weirdly we’ve seen more wild animals since leaving the actually jungle tour than we did when we was on it! Ironic?

We come out to the most amazing beach. The sand is like snow under your feet as it crunches when you walk on it and the water is blue and clear and there isn’t a single rock to trip you up like there normally is. We spend ages acting like children and playing in the waves on the beach before a quick snack stop. We’ve come to a really secluded part on the left hand side of the bay and after about 40 minutes we walk down to the main but that’s by the end of the main footpath. There’s quite a few people and some innovative men have got made s shop out of sand and a giant cool box and are selling beers and soft drinks. 

This made me happy

We sit in the shade and have a few beers before walking back down the main trail. We see more monkeys! This time really small little ones on the tree branch.

We get back to where the boat man dropped us and Rodrigo recommends that we eat on the floating restaurant that’s there. It was quite literally a float and moved around when we were eating. The food was gorgeous we shared prawns, calamari, rice, steak, sausage, vegetables and these amazing home made chips! Here’s a quick lunchtime selfie📷

The boat pulled up next to the restaurant and we hop on, full up, tired and burnt. Back to the main town and our pousada to shower and chill before dinner.

Big thanks to these guys for giving us a great tour!!!!

And this guy for scooting us around on his boat! FYI he is the selfie king- he took so many when we was stopped to swim it made me laugh!

It’s our last night on the island so want to make the most of it. We eat at Kebab lounge and have some drinks before moving to a little bar on the beach for the evening. 

  There’s a guy singing and playing guitar with a drum and triangle accompanying him. 

Some people get up dancing…they’re British and Dutch. There’s some good dancers and some not so good dancers! 😂

   This is the only bar we’ve found with some kind of music on the island. The boys are getting board with my selfies…surprise Steph wants a selfie!

 We stayed in there for hours…..we met some Canadian girls our first night on Ilha, they were sitting at the table next to us and we saw them again yesterday. Becky and Bernadette are from Alberta and we chat for a while. I drink a number of Passionfruit Caipi-Vodkas🍹

I also make friends with a guy behind the bar after asking for some loo roll…his dad was from glasgow, mum from Rome and he was from Rio! That’s what you call multi-cultural! He was a nice bloke do had to have a snap with him!

Conclusion of the day is that we LOVED Ilha Grande and had an amazing few days there….time to move on to our last stop…Rio!


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