Day 19 – Ilha Grande Beach Day

Todays blog post is exactly what it says on the tin…a beach day. Full of beach🐚, burns🔥, BBQ🍴 and bums🍑. 

We start the day feeling very slightly fragile and message our new friend Alan. I had invited him to the beach with us wanted to check in with him and see if he was still coming! Turns out yes he was and he knew some good place to plot up! 

We meet at 10:30 and pit stop to grab some breakfast (we missed our one at our Pousada) from the bakery. We had a frankfurter wrapped in a roll/pastries with cheese and seasame seeds…may not sound great but it was a thing of beauty! We walk down the beach to the right and round the bay.

At the end of the beach was a path that goes very slightly in-land. We follow it round. I’m happy with this but there’s one thing that really really winds me up- it’s sandy feet. No not just sandy feet- wet sandy feet. So now I have west sandy feet…and have to put flip flops back on because the trail is rocky and leafy and gritty. 

Something I’ve become aware of is that I moan A LOT. I am definitely a negative nelly. I can find something to be negative about in most things that I do….my new year resolution for 2016 would be to not be negative, but maybe I’ll do it that for every negative I need at least 1 positive. 

We arrive on a gorgeous little beach, but it’s small…so small that the 10 Brazilian* people that are already there are practically laying on top of each other. Brazilian people clearly like bums…men love a pair of speedos and women love wearing tiny bikini bottoms…but they mostly have nice bums to be fair to them. 

We go back to the back on the beach to pick up the trail again and keep walking. We wander for a while until the next bit of beach but it’s quite shady. Yet again- something to moan about everywhere haha! 

We stop because we feel bad and have been walking for about half an hour already which was more than we originally bargained for. We take a quick dip in the sea and it’s reasonably nice but we can see a lovely bit of beach about 200 yards away but it’s through the sea and we can’t see how to get there. We contemplate going via the sea but we have beach towels and I have a bag with me so scrap that idea. We find a path that led back from the beach and slightly up hill and just assume that will get us there, so we follow it. Me Ollie Kris and Allan walk for about 20 minutes and I’m 99% sure we aren’t going to pop out at the nice beach we saw before. We cross some people but they weren’t English so couldn’t ask them what was in our direction so we carried on walking. We eventually come to some steps and walk down and come out on a glorious beach. 

We are a bag round from the main town one we started in. 

We spend the day in the sea and sitting at the beach bar. It’s pretty warm so we end up getting toastie.

We watch a man come to the beach with a fishing net and catch a needle fish then go into his side way and it looked like he gutted and cooked it. This made me happy- 1 less fish in the sea. For anyone who knows me well I’m not a huge fan of beaches or the sea. I am petrified of fish 🐟🐠🐡. Yes, hate them. The ones I really really dislike are the little ones that come really shallow in the beaches and nibble your ankles. Ergh! 

We break for lunch and order the mixed BBQ for 2 twice. 

There was so much meat…..then they bought up 2 bowls of rice, 2 bowls of fries, salsa and some breadcrumbs thing that I can’t remember the name of. Here’s our lunchtime selfie

By about 3pm were way too hot and have had enough so jump in a water taxi back to the main town. It’s cool because there’s some many beaches and bays here there are hardly any cars, everyone walks, uses wheelbarrows or gets a boat. 

We go the boat back and bid a fond farewell to Allan. Time for a shower and nap before meeting the boys.

 Meanwhile….Jake and Conor went scuba diving. They did 2 dives…one near a ship wreck and one just off the coast of the island. Here’s a few of their snaps.




They saw a turtle so I’m hoping I’ll be able to add the video of that…need to work out how to do that first! 

What I can say is I’ve fallen in love with Ilha Grande….what a fabulous place!

*assumption – they could of been from anywhere


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