Day 18 – Ilha Grande

Our morning starts with a nice lay in, breakfast on the beach and a trip to the cash point. Ilha grande has no cash points so we need to judge how much well need for the next 3 days…

Here’s the cobble streets I was talking about yesterday…

Our minivan picks us up at just gone 12ish and there’s a number of other people on it. It’s up there with the worst bus journeys we’ve done since being here and that’s saying something…it’s hot and the driver takes each bend at about 200 miles an hour (and there’s a lot of them!). 

We pit stop for some lunch at a petrol station and there’s army/police outside with huge guns… We’ve been going for about an hour by now and we thought we were nearly at the port.

Wrong! Back on the van for another hour and we finally pull into a dirt track. The driver makes everyone get out and just stand there and then all of the sudden about 20 other people walk up a hill behind us with bags etc, and 3 more cans arrive from Rio. They obviously stop half way and swap over so the driver goes back to their home area. It’s mayhem- people and backpacks everywhere! Eventually when everyone is on their respective bus we walk down to the port and wait for our boat. It’s now half 2 and getting cloudy and we’re all sad we’ve missed a day of sun.


The boat is pretty old and rickety and doesn’t make me confident it’s going to make the hour long journey over to the island. There’s a gorgeous dog on board…he obviously loves the boat and being at sea!

The journey was choppy and hot…  

But we finally get there after yet another day full of travelling! 

Welcome to Ilha Grande! 📍

We check into our Pousada (hotel) Horizonte dos Borbas. Our rooms are clean and the beds comfy so we are happy campers! We drop our bags and go straight for something to eat and drink. The food portions are huge and they have a big thing about doing meals for 2 people to share.

Conor having a seafood risotto for 2 people and a tourist cocktail 😂

We clearly haven’t learnt our lesson from Iguazu Falls and get the cards out for a few games of ring of fire. The selfie queen reigns again! 

Jake and Conor are scuba diving tomorrow so call it a night after 2 games…probably a good idea. Me Kris and Ollie go for a wander and end up in the only bar with music on that’s still open…not before walking down the pier. 

On our trip down the pier I meet a guy called Guinness (yes like the drink) (no he wasn’t Irish) who was fishing using a glow stick. Meh can’t understand a word were saying so we’re not completely sure by he’s using that but I got a quick pic with him.

To the bar! 

I make friends (I’m good at this) with a guy called Alan. He’s from Rio and is 24 and on Ilha with his aunt on holiday. He’s never been out of Brazil before but comes to Ilha 2/3 times a year to holiday. He’s such a nice bloke! He says he can take us to a waterfall that’s not far away so we go back and get our torches and follow him.

  😂 I’m a head torch loser and WAY too excited for this midnight walk!

On route kris trips up and cut his big toe pretty bad. We find the waterfall but also find 4 Brazilian people having some kind of orgy so we stop to wash our feet and leave.

You can tell id had 1 Kir Royale too many last night by how many pictures are in this blog- I was snap happy📷

We decide this is not enough water for the night! So we find the worlds smallest beach for a dip. I must be crazy considering I HATE fish but I get in up to my was it in the dark. I stick close to Ollie as his light is a lot better than mine- luckily there appears to be no fish here. Phew

We can it a night finally and walk back through town to our Pousada and say goodnight to Alan.

We decide that we need to address Kris cut foot so Dr Bird comes to the rescue. Luckily, loads of Okies family are in the medical profession so he seems to know what he’s doing. 

All fixed and ready for bed!

This is the longest were staying in 1 place for over the whole trip- 3 nights! Which calls for a big fat cheers to Ilha Grande!



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